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At Simon Security Systems, we pride ourselves in staying up to date on the latest and greatest technologies as they emerge in the world of security. From interactive all in one touch screen alarm panels with built in smart home technology, to the most advanced ultra high definition security cameras with 4K resolution, we have it all. We are constantly researching new products to add to our line up. Let our professional technicians install your system, or shop on our website for one of our DIY packages.

Empowering Security Solutions: Home Security Systems, Installers & Installation in New York

Discover unparalleled peace of mind with Simon Security Systems' Home Security Systems in New York. Our comprehensive service encompasses state-of-the-art Home Security Systems in New York, expert Security System Installation in New York, and vigilant monitoring. We prioritize your safety with features like smart sensors, video surveillance, and instant alerts. Whether you're at home or away, our systems ensure round-the-clock protection. Gain control and visibility over your property, deterring potential threats and responding swiftly to emergencies. Trust us to safeguard your loved ones and belongings, offering a security solution that seamlessly integrates into your lifestyle. With Simon Security Systems, your peace of mind is our top priority.

Our service excels through advanced technology, prompt response, and personalized attention, ensuring a security experience beyond compare in the industry.

Seamless Security Integration: Step-by-Step Guide to Our Exceptional Security Service

Embark on a seamless journey to fortify your Home Security Systems in New York with Simon Security Systems' exceptional service. 

  • 1. Consultation

    It all begins with a personalized consultation where our expert Security System Installers in New York engage with you to understand your unique security needs, concerns, and preferences. This crucial step forms the foundation for a tailor-made security plan.

  • 2. Customized Solutions

    Based on the consultation, our skilled team of Security System Installers in New York crafts a personalized security solution. This includes selecting the right combination of advanced Home Security Systems in New York, ensuring they align perfectly with your lifestyle and property layout.

  • 3. Professional Installation

    Our certified technicians take charge of the Security System Installation in New York process. They skillfully implement the system, ensuring all Home Security Systems in New York components seamlessly integrate into your home without disrupting your daily activities.

  • 4. System Activation

    Experience instant security activation. Our team of Security System Installers in New York conducts thorough testing to guarantee each component functions optimally, providing you with a robust and reliable security infrastructure.

  • 5. Client Training

    To empower you, we offer comprehensive training on the operation of your Home Security Systems in New York. This ensures that you are familiar with all features and functionalities, maximizing the effectiveness of your security setup.

  • 6. 24/7 Monitoring

    Once your system is activated, our state-of-the-art monitoring center takes over, providing round-the-clock surveillance. Any suspicious activity triggers immediate response protocols, keeping you protected at all times.

  • 7. Ongoing Support

    Our commitment extends beyond Security System Installation in New York. Our dedicated support team of Security System Installers of New York remains at your service for any assistance, upgrades, or inquiries, ensuring a continuous and reliable security experience.

Step into a new era of security with Simon Security Systems, where every step is meticulously crafted to offer you unparalleled peace of mind.

Our client-centric approach streamlines the process, ensuring efficiency without compromising effectiveness. From personalized consultations to expert Security System Installation in New York, each step is designed to provide maximum security with minimal hassle, delivering a comprehensive and user-friendly experience.

Tailored systems, expert installers, and seamless installations for unmatched protection in the heart of New York

Choosing Simon Security Systems unlocks a myriad of benefits:

  • Comprehensive Protection: Our advanced Home Security Systems in New York offer complete coverage, safeguarding your home against various threats.
  • Peace of Mind: Enjoy 24/7 monitoring and rapid response, ensuring your property remains secure even when you're away.
  • Personalization: Tailored solutions cater to your specific needs, addressing unique concerns and optimizing the system for your lifestyle.
  • Expert Installation: Professional technicians guarantee a seamless integration process, minimizing disruption and ensuring the system's optimal performance.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Easy-to-use features and client training empower you to manage and monitor your security effortlessly.

Addressing client needs:

Simon Security Systems is committed to understanding and addressing the specific needs and concerns of our clients, providing a security service that goes beyond the conventional. 

Through personalized consultations, we delve into the unique requirements of each client. Whether it's safeguarding a family home, securing a business, or monitoring a property during travel, our expert Security System Installers in New York tailor a comprehensive security solution. This includes selecting the most suitable technology, devising strategic Security System Installation in New York plans, and implementing features that directly address the identified concerns.

We recognize that every client has distinct security challenges, and our service excels in customization. For families, our systems offer peace of mind with child and elderly family member monitoring. Businesses benefit from tailored security plans that protect assets and ensure uninterrupted operations. Frequent travelers enjoy remote monitoring of their homes. The result is a security service that not only meets but exceeds the expectations of our diverse clientele, providing a sense of security that is both effective and personally relevant.

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Our Home Security Systems FAQs:

How does the 24/7 monitoring service work, and what happens in case of an alarm trigger?

Our 24/7 monitoring service ensures continuous surveillance. In case of an alarm trigger, our monitoring center receives an immediate alert. Our trained professionals assess the situation, verify the alarm, and promptly contact you. If necessary, emergency services are dispatched. This swift response ensures a proactive approach to potential threats, enhancing the overall effectiveness of our security service.

Can I access and control my security system remotely?

Absolutely. Our security systems feature user-friendly interfaces, and we provide thorough training during Security System Installation in New York. This empowers you to access and control your system remotely through a mobile app or online platform. Whether you want to check camera feeds, arm or disarm the system or receive real-time alerts, our remote capabilities ensure you have control and visibility at your fingertips, enhancing convenience and peace of mind.

How does the service cater to unique property layouts and specific security needs?

During our personalized consultation, we assess your property layout and discuss specific security concerns. Our expert Security System Installers in New York then tailor a security plan that accommodates the unique features of your property. This includes strategic placement of sensors, cameras, and other components to ensure comprehensive coverage. We understand that each property is different, and our customization process guarantees that your security system is specifically designed to address the distinct Home Security Systems in New York needs of your home or business.

What happens if I face technical issues with the security system after installation?

Our commitment extends beyond Security System Installation in New York. If you face any technical issues, our dedicated support team of Security System Installers in New York is available 24/7. Simply contact our support hotline, and our technicians will guide you through troubleshooting steps. If on-site assistance is required, we prioritize swift resolutions to minimize any disruption to your security service. Our goal is to provide not only a robust security system but also ongoing support to ensure your peace of mind is consistently upheld.

Simon Security Systems: Fortify Your Future with Cutting-Edge Protection!

Welcome to Simon Security Systems, where our commitment to cutting-edge security solutions is at the heart of what we do. We take pride in our dedication to staying abreast of the latest advancements in the security industry, ensuring that our customers have access to the most innovative and effective technologies available.

Alarm Systems

Our alarm systems redefine home and business security. Featuring interactive all-in-one touchscreen panels with built-in smart Home Security Systems in New York technology, these systems provide an unparalleled level of convenience and control. Whether you opt for the sophistication of Qolsys, the reliability of Honeywell, the precision of GE, or the trusted solutions from DSC, we have curated a selection that caters to diverse preferences. Our professional technicians are ready to install these state-of-the-art systems, or if you prefer a hands-on approach, explore our website for a range of DIY packages.

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Security Cameras

Video surveillance is a cornerstone of effective security, and we bring you the finest in the market. As an authorized dealer for renowned manufacturers such as Avigilon, Eagle Eye, Verkada, Axis, Hikvision, Dahua, and Uniview, we offer security cameras with uncompromising quality and 4K resolution. This ensures that your monitoring capabilities are not only robust but also provide crystal-clear footage, enhancing the overall effectiveness of your security infrastructure.

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Access Control Systems

We understand that security begins at the entry point. Our expertise in access control systems is unparalleled, employing electronic solutions that not only keep intruders at bay but also meticulously track everyone entering your home or business. This layer of security adds an extra dimension to your overall protection strategy.

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    • Cloud-Based Solutions with Eagle Eye Networks:

    Fire Alarm Installation Peekskill

    In our commitment to offering the best security, features, and capabilities, we have partnered with Eagle Eye Networks to deliver a cloud-based video solution. This cutting-edge platform allows our customers to view their video feeds from mobile devices (both Android and iOS) and monitor their facilities from any corner of the globe. The Eagle Eye Networks Video Management System (VMS) stands out for its high level of cybersecurity and reliability. The cloud-based nature of this solution means fewer headaches and less on-site equipment for our customers to worry about.

    • Rhombus Systems Integration:

    Access Control Systems Peekskill

    As an authorized reseller/dealer of Rhombus System cameras, we bring you an enterprise-grade, cloud-based physical security platform. Rhombus Systems seamlessly integrates intelligent security cameras, integrated IoT sensors, and a user-friendly interface. This combination provides unparalleled control when managing physical security across multiple locations. The intelligence is embedded directly into the cameras, and all video footage is stored in the cloud, eliminating the need for on-site recorders. Rhombus offers state-of-the-art Video Management Software (VMS) with advanced analytics capabilities, ensuring that your security is not just efficient but also equipped with the latest technological advancements.

    At Simon Security Systems, we don't just offer security solutions; we deliver a comprehensive and futuristic approach to safeguarding your home and business. Your safety is our priority, and we are dedicated to providing you with the best that the security industry has to offer.

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